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Green Scenery is concerned that 60% of the total area in one of the districts in Sierra Leone could soon be converted for large-scale industrial oil palm plantations.

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In the Media

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Green Scenery is publishing press releases, articles, reports, research findings, policy papers and manuals on its main concerns. Please be aware not all documents listed below are published by Green Scenery. 

Reports, Articles, Briefings

Factsheet on Large-Scale Agri-Investments in Pujehun District, Sierra Leone, Green Scenery, Freetown, April 2013. Download

Increasing Pressure for Land: Implications for Rural Livelihoods and Development Actors. A Case Study in Sierra Leone. Carried out by Welthungerhilfe e.V. Germany. Author Dr. Gerlind Melsbach, Co-Author Joseph Rahall, Green Scenery, October 2012. Download Study

Socfin Agricultural Company (SAC) Investment: Is it a sustainable one? In: Natural Resource Watch, Edition 3, Freetown, April 2012, p 3. Download Edition

Policy Briefing: Large Scale Land Investments in Sierra Leone: Opportunities and Challenges. Green Scenery and Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food. Freetown, April 2012. Download

Oakland Institute: Land Deal Brief: SOCFIN Land Investment in Sierra Leone. April 2012. Download the brief

Communique from the national conference of landowners and land users affected by large scale investments in agriculture in Sierra Leone. Freetown, April 2012. Download

Farmers make their voices heard on large land investments in Sierra Leone. Report on national conference of landowners and land users affected by large scale investments in agriculture in Sierra Leone. Freetown, April 2012. Download

Green Scenery Media Briefing: Large scale land deals in Sierra Leone: A brief overview. Freetown, April 2012. Download

Green Scenery Briefings Part I-IV: Land Investment Deals in Sierra Leone.Freetown, 2011.  Download

Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa. Country Report Sierra Leone. Published by Oakland Institute, USA, June 2011. Written by Joan Baxter. Green Scenery was research partner of Oakland Institute. Download

The Socfin Land Deal Missing Out On Best Practices. Report on Fact finding Mission to Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Sierra Leone, Green Scenery, Freetown, May 2011. Download

Perception Assessment of Host Communities of Sierra Rutile Mine After Dredge Solondo Capsized. Joseph Rahall, Freetown, 2008. Download

Report on tree planting in Sierra Leone. Green Scenery, Freetown, Policy Paper 02/2008. Download

Diamond Mining and Human Development in Kono District. Green Scenery, Freetown, 2007. Download

Report on Participatory Rural Livelihood Assessment. Green Scenery, Freetown, 2006. Download

Case Study fuel consumption in the Kissy Area. Green Scenery, Freetown, 2000 Download


Handbook on Human Rights, Rule of Law and Peace Building. Green Scenery, Freetown, 2009. Download

Community Peacebuilding for Development. A Training Manual of Community Leaders and Local Government Officials. Green Scenery, Freetown, 2009. Download

An Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies for Senior Secondary School Pupils in Sierra Leone. Green Scenery, Freetown, 2009. Download

Teachers’ Guide: Peace Education for Senior Secondary Schools. Green Scenery, Freetown, 2009. Download

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January 2013: Launch of the Global Hunger Index 2012 in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is ranked 71st out of 79 countries.

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